Adios, América

The week before going abroad is similar, in many ways, to the week before Christmas. There are so many lists to make and things to do, but the anticipation drives you. You have more energy than an elf in May after drinking the a few of world’s greatest cups of coffee, all because you know what’s to come will be a joyous, amazing, miraculous adventure.

If you can turn back the clock a few weeks, and try on the shoes of your pre-Christmas-self, you’ll understand perhaps half of what we’re feeling. In three short days, we’re embarking on the trip of a lifetime – we’re boarding a Santiago-bound plane, to spend the next few weeks immersing ourselves in the Chilean culture.

Whilst abroad, we’ll learn about some of the reasons corporations are interested in Chile, from advertising, journalism, and business standpoints. Through a partnership with the Universidad de los Andes, our group will work on special projects with businesses like Principal Financial Group, Santa Rita Vineyard, and the Santiago Stock Exchange and Treasury.

How exciting is this for us, you ask? Let me refer you back to the original analogy, but multiply that by a few million and then add the vigor and child-like reverie of a six-year-old to the equation. That’s us.

But wait – we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Before you join us on our travels by way of the blogosphere, allow us to introduce ourselves:

Meet Molly!

Hola, mis amigos! I’m Molly; I’m a magazine journalism and 430522_518497118179058_586880498_ncreative writing dual major at Drake, with an affinity for storytelling, travel, biographies, and tea. I’ve had the opportunity to explore some pretty wonderful corners of the world through internship and study abroad opportunities in London and L.A., with side trips to countries like Ireland, Amsterdam, Belgium, France, Spain, Greece, Mexico, and Hungary. I’m looking forward to learning more about the corporate culture in a new, unique country. I can’t wait to broaden my view of the world, try new things, make more memories, and meet new, interesting people – all while escaping winter and getting a tan. Thanks so much for reading!

Meet Claire!

Hey there! My name is Claire, and I a junior at Drake University studying accounting and finance. Incorporating the opportunity to study abroad during college is important to me, because I truly believe in the value of learning about other people, places, and cultures. I studied in Turkey during the 2015 January Term, and gained incredible insight on Turkish culture and the country’s major religion, Islam. This year, I am excited to immerse myself in Chilean culture over the next couple weeks. I am looking forward to learning about the way of life in another country. Additionally, I am interested in learning more about the way businesses operate outside of the United States. My passion for finance and economics is crucial to my major at Drake, and I cannot wait to learn about the similarities and differences in Santiago’s global market. I hope to apply the cultural knowledge I gain in Chile to my understanding of the world. Likewise, I intend to apply the business knowledge I gain to my studies at Drake and to future professional opportunities after college.

Meet Tommy!

Version 2

Hello all, my name is Tommy and I am currently a Senior studying Accounting/Marketing at Drake University. This is my first time traveling to South America, so I am so excited to learn about and experience the unique culture in Chile. International studies seems to be a huge factor in business related endeavors within the past decade or so, which is why I believe it is so important for business majors to experience international societies. Through this study abroad experience, I hope to understand the business culture in Chile so that I may become more aware of differences within international business affairs when preparing for my career in the future. I am so excited to immerse myself in the Chilean culture with my classmates for the next few weeks and be able to gain life experiences as well as many incredible memories.


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